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Photography, Video, Film shoot

Don’t slip away during your event to take shots, the Park awaits you! The Wallace Fountain, the statue of Bacchus, ponds, flower-filled earthenware pots and more offer you a host of settings in which to capture memories of your event.

Quiet on the set! Pretend you are the actor of the year playing a starring role for the day! The Park will offer you its greatest treasure – the perfect setting! An unforgettable souvenir of your event at L’Ecrin.

Film shoot
Scouting teams can come to the estate and decide what to film ahead of your shoot date. Film trucks can park on the site. There will be no noise from cars, planes or trains to disturb the crews as they go about their work. L’Ecrin will do everything possible to ensure your shooting goes smoothly and is a great success.

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